Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits is not an accredited financial advisor so, beyond repeating the worthy old adage that markets may fall as well as rise, we offer no wisdom on which sectors you ought to select for your funds.

However, we do recognise that whisky is a traditional investment vehicle that has become an increasingly sought-after commodity in recent times.

Scotch, in particular, retains the prestige of being the ‘gold standard’ among spirits and, should you choose to build your own portfolio, we are well-placed to help you negotiate the complexities of cask investments.

This is a fascinating landscape: unregulated as a market yet heavily regulated in terms of the technicalities that protect the prized and ancient status of uisge beatha.

As trusted brokers and stockists of long standing, we not only have a wealth of experience and a broad international client base, but access to state-of-the art storage facilities too.

Our investment services are tailored to clients’ individual strategies, bringing them the insights, data, contacts and choices they need to maximise their opportunities for success.

From the size and type of cask and the nuances of each different distillery, we will provide you with the knowledge you require to decide on every key variable.

Meanwhile, our first-class logistical infrastructure ensures that your cask will be both securely and expertly warehoused.

Here’s how we will clear the clutter and red tape from your investment experience…

By law, all casked Scotch must physically remain in a bonded facility in Scotland – and we have several such locations at our disposal.

Any keeper of whisky needs to gain accreditation from HMRC, which can be a tortuous and expensive process, but, again, we already have this in place.

Your cask – with its own unique reference number – will be registered with Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits and then proof of your purchase and ownership will be indelibly evidenced as part of your own personal account with us.

Our reputation for sound stability – backed up with our detailed audited accounts, freely available at Companies House – provides further comfort that your investment is in safe hands.

How you realise profits from your cask is then a matter for your judgement, informed once again with our considered advice.

A selection of routes will open up in front of you as the Scotch matures over time, typically in a window when the whisky is anything between eight and 25 years old.

Our knowledge of the market will provide regular updated realistic values for your asset.

Should you decide to trade your cask, we can help you choose the optimum moment and use our network of contacts to locate a buyer – whether it be a bottler or a broker – offering the best price.

Perhaps you’d rather put it up for auction and let the free market decide the value.

Or maybe you’d rather create a whisky legacy by putting your own special edition into bottles and selling them individually (though duty will become payable at this point).

Whichever option you select, we’ll be beside you throughout the whole process to offer guidance, highlight the windfalls and the pitfalls and even take care of the administrative chores, if you so require.

What return will you get on your investment? With markets at play and the angels taking their share over time, that’s an impossible question to answer.

However, what we guarantee is that we will try to keep your costs low by sourcing casks from short supply chains, eliminating the catalogue of commission that can leave some initial investments over-priced.

Our fees are simple too: we don’t charge a penny for our advice.

All you will pay is the price of the cask and an annual storage charge to be paid annually.

However, we also offer that range of paid-for additional services should you wish us to handle the sale, auction or bottling of your cask, or if you require to assess the quality and quantity of your whisky at various stages of its maturation.

There are few opportunities which offer such rich potential for an investor to indulge their own private passion while providing the prospect of a return at the same time.

As whisky devotees who live and breathe this field with intimate expertise, we share your excitement.