If you are a private collector and wish to sell your surplus wine or spirits, we can either find you a buyer or we can purchase it outright.


For a competitively priced brokers commission, we utilise our global network of customers in the interests of selling your wine at a price that realises its maximum net worth. At no extra charge, we list your wines on this site and on our fine wine Price List, ensuring that you reach a blue-chip market of traders, private buyers and investors.

On completion of sale, we will pay you the agreed price, less the selling commission. Payment will be made 30 days after the sale of the wine unless prior agreement is made.

Outright Purchase

We stock and supply our own wine. Often, we may want to purchase your wine directly from you. In this instance, we will offer you a cash purchase price. Payment will be made 7 days after the wines has been landed and condition checked. For wines that are not currently stored with us, we offer a free collection service to our warehouse facility.

Upon receiving it, we carry out rigorous condition checks to ensure quality and proof of provenance. Please note that we can only consider buying wines with a total value of £500 or above.

If you’re interested in selling your wines or you would like further information, please do get in touch.