Ardbeg Private Reserve Release – Two Exclusive 21YO Single Casks

Nestled into the south eastern coastline of Islay, Ardbeg along with Laphroaig and Lagavulin form part of The Holy Trinity of peaty style whiskies that this remote island is so famed.

 Whisky lovers from all across the globe beat a path to this small unique corner of Scotland and are richly rewarded by the island’s beauty, the locals hospitality and some of the finest whisky in existence.

Ardbeg is the smallest of the three distilleries and its bottlings are much sought after. In addition to the regular bottlings the distillery produce very limited Committee and Fèis Ìle expressions that, on release, are only available directly from the distillery or at the distillery door itself.

Due to only having 2 stills and and the phenomenal demand for their whisky, Ardbeg single cask bottlings are rarely, if ever, released and such expressions when unearthed are much prized.  Very occasionally the distillery will release a single cask for a private bottling and these impossibly small releases are ferreted away by the lucky cask owner for themselves or their friends to drink.

We are very fortunate to be given access to a limited number of bottles of not one, but two 21 year old casks which have been specially selected by the Master Distiller Dr Bill Lumsden. 

Both distilled and bottled on the same day, these 2 whiskies have matured differently and highlight the effect that a cask can have on great whisky,  these two expressions highlight the unique smokey character of Ardbeg by reflecting the very nature and soul of the distillery and give the drinker unparalleled experience into the finest liquids the distillery can offer.

Each bottle comes in it’s own wooden case along with a unique bottle number and a hand signed Tasting Note Certificate by Dr Bill Lumsden which further enhances their rarity.

These bottles are not available on the open market and are exclusive to Brunswick FW&S.
Ardbeg Single Cask 3409, 46.8%
GBP 1,070 In bond per bottle (exc. UK Duty and VAT) 
GBP 1,295.30 inc. UK Duty and VAT
Ardbeg Single Cask 3431, 45.5%
GBP 1,070 In bond per bottle (exc. UK Duty and VAT) 
GBP 1,295 
inc. UK Duty and VAT

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